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  • Strictly selected environmentally friendly PP material, special fabrics for infants and young children, safe and tasteless, free of benzene, formaldehyde, fluorescent agents, heavy metals, etc., not afraid of baby chewing.
  • The child seat/crib combo stroller, the cockpit and pedals can be adjusted in multiple stages, and the comfortable angle can be adjusted according to the baby's needs, so that the baby can sit and lie comfortably.
  • The large mobile crib, 35cm*80cm enlarges the space, stretches the waist and kicks without restraint, and fat babies can roll and sleep soundly.
  • The 3-layer shock absorber is like walking on a flat ground, and the shock absorber spring disperses the pressure + EVA foam wheels + high elastic foam cushioning, which can smoothly control various uneven roads, reduce bumps, and drive more smoothly.
  • It can be easily folded with one hand, no need to bend over, hold the baby with one hand, and retract the car with one hand. The design of automatic shrinking joints is small and exquisite after folding, which does not take up space and is easy to carry.



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